Borwick’s Baking Powder

George Borwick was Lancashire schoolmaster who married Jane Hudson in 1831. It was said that George’s father-in-law offered them a formula for baking powder. The couple experimented with in an attic for eleven years before selling the product as a penny an ounce.

Making chemically leavened doubts became even easier when commercial Borwick’s Baking Powder was introduced in 1842.

George Borwick was in habit of selling certain powders, some called Borwick’s Baking Powders and other Borwick’s Egg Powders.

These powders were invariably sold in packets and were wrapped up in printed paper.

In about 1853 George was joined in the business by his son and in 1864 the firm had set up a factory in London to meet the increasing demand.

George Borwick & Son applied for trademarks for baking powder in July 1878. By 2008 Borwick’s Baking powder is sold by Irish food company, Kerry Group.
Borwick’s Baking Powder


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