Dr. Scholl's

Scholl Manufacturing Company was founded in Chicago in 1906 and named eponymously after William Mathias Scholl.

A medical student, Scholl manufactured and marketed foot-care products such as the ‘Foot-Eazer’ and an array of foot plasters and powders; in time, his arch supports would be associated with the global Dr Scholl brand. Foot-Eazer was patented in 1904.

Dr Scholl took over the Western Wheel Works building in 1904 and manufactured shoes here until the late twentieth century.

William Scholl later branched out into products for shoe injuries bunion pads, callus protectors, corn pads, and sole inserts.

His brother Franck opened Dr Scholl’s London Foot Comfort Shop in 1913, setting the pattern for ensuing decades, during which the Scholl Manufacturing Co. among other things launched a line of Dr Scholl branded shoes.

Today the name Dr Scholl’s is symbolic of quick relief to foot sufferers everywhere.
Dr. Scholl's

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