Terry’s of York: A Sweet Legacy

Since its humble beginnings in 1767, Terry’s of York has woven itself into the fabric of confectionery history. Founded by Mr. William Bayldon and Mr. Robert Berry, the company started by selling candied fruit peel to the locals of York. Their innovative use of sugar, a relatively new arrival at the time, revolutionized the consumption of medicines, with sugar-coated pills gaining popularity.

In 1823, Joseph Terry, marrying into the Berry family, elevated the company to new heights by becoming a partner, leading to the formation of "Terry and Berry". After Robert Berry's departure, the business was christened as "Terry’s", a name synonymous with quality and innovation.

The iconic site on Bishopthorpe Road served as the epicenter of Terry’s confectionery production until its closure in 2005. At its peak, the plant employed over 700 people, churning out beloved treats like Terry’s All Gold. The brand found a new home under the ownership of Kraft Jacobs Suchard in 1993, ensuring its continued presence in the global market.

Under the leadership of Frank Terry and his son Noel, Terry’s expanded its repertoire, introducing classics such as Spartan, All Gold, and the legendary Terry’s Chocolate Orange. These products not only delighted taste buds but also solidified Terry’s reputation as a purveyor of indulgence and quality.

Despite the closure of its historic site, Terry’s legacy lives on, immortalized in the hearts and memories of confectionery enthusiasts worldwide. From its humble beginnings to its international acclaim, Terry’s of York remains a testament to the enduring allure of sweet indulgence.
Terry’s of York: A Sweet Legacy

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