Dettol soap

Dettol started off in the 1930’s with Dettol mouthwash, antiseptic cream, obstetrics cream, and liquid antiseptic.

Over the years, the portfolio has expanded to soaps, liquid soap, shaving cream, Dettol plaster and several other products are still to use the brand equity of Dettol.

Dettol soap was originally launched as a family soap in the early eighties. Dettol soap was launched in 1981 by Reckitt and Coleman India Ltd and positioned as a love and care soap.

But its positioning did not fall in line with Dettol’s core property: fighting germs and protection.

There were doubts regarding success of this extension. However, luck favored Dettol soap because 1982-1983 there was a phobia in the minds of people regarding pollution of water and air. 

Dettol soap, re-launched in 1984, has made headway in the crowded premium toilet soap market by adopting a strategy of creating and dominating a specific usage occasion.

With this positioning, Dettol soap has climbed from 1.7% market share before it’s re-launched in 1984 to 3.7% share in 1988.
Dettol soap

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