Business history of Frappuccino

Frappuccino is a registered trademark of Starbucks Coffee.

It was invented by George Howell from Coffee Connection. It made with coffee, evaporated milk, and ice. 

The name is rooted in New England. The term frappuccino is a blend of frappe, a coffee based milkshake, and cappuccino, the Italian drink with a milky topping.

Similar frozen drinks were served starting in 1988 by the Seattle chain Cinnabon under the names Mochalatta and Caramelatta.

By end of 1994, Starbucks decided to launch new product nationwide under Frappuccino brand. The name was used for a cold drink that was offered in Coffee Connection in Boston.

Starbucks purchased the Coffee Connection chain, took over the recipe for the frappuccino and made it global sensation.

In 1995, the company launched Frappuccino, sweet, cold creamy, drink combining coffee, milk and ice. From the start, Frappuccinos were a big hit paving the way from Starbucks’ burst deep into mainstream and its record run of rising revenues, soaring stock prices and new store openings.

In its first full years on the market, the beverage accounted for $52 million in revenues or about 7 % of the company total.

Later with joint venture between Starbucks and Pepsi Cola the bottled version was developed. By 1998, bottled Frappuccino was the most popular ready to drink coffee in the United States.
Business history of Frappuccino

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