History of Honda

History of Honda
Honda is a Japanese multinational Corporation which the original name is Honda Technology Research Institute Company Limited.

Company founder Soichiro Honda developed his own design of piston ring in 1938 and won the contract with Toyota. However during World War 2, his entire piston manufacturing facilities was destroyed. Then he started a new company and attached the engine to the bicycle which cheaper and efficient.

These early Honda motorized bicycles were very popular and the stock of surplus two stroke engines soon ran out. In September 1948 Honda Motor Company officially founded.

In 1947 Honda started selling motorcycle. In 1958 The Honda Super Cub motorbike is in the market.

The first Honda vehicle was 1963 T360 a pickup truck and two months later first production of first car S500. Honda finally established a foothold in the American market in 1972 with the introduction of the Civic.

In 1976, the new, larger-than-the-Civic Accord was immediately popular because of its value, economy, and fun-to-drive nature. The Accord has since consistently been one of the best selling cars in the United States.
History of Honda

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