Historical background of Toblerone chocolate

In 1899, Jean Tobler and his son Theodor Tobler founded the ‘Fabrique de Chocolat de Berne, Tobler & Cie’.

Theodor Tobler and his cousin, Emil Baumann introduced Toblerone in 1908. They invented the Toblerone in Bern, Switzerland. It was an unusual triangular-shaped chocolate bar with almonds and honey nougat.

The name derives from Tobler (the name of the company and family) plus terrone, and Italian nougat specialty.

Tobler used the Matterhorn mountain, in the Swiss Alps to inspire the shape of his product. Fearing that a competitor would copy his concept, he applied for a patent on the manufacturing process in Bern. In 1909, Toblerone became the first chocolate product on the world to be patented.

In 1970, the Tobler Company merged with the Jacobs Suchard Company of Switzerland, which to become the largest chocolate companies in the world.

Suchard established in 1824 famous for its Milka and Bittra chocolate bars and chocolate drinks. In 1990 Philip Morris acquires Jacobs Suchard, including Toblerone for $4.1 billion then incorporated it to Kraft Foods.
Historical background of Toblerone chocolate
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