Food Company Danone

In 1919, Isaac Carasso created a simple food with a simple aim to improve: mixing ferments and fresh milk, he made a yogurt that he affectionately named ‘Danone’ after his son, Daniel Carasso. He was inspired by the immunologist Elie Metchnikoff’s research at the Institut Pasteur into the role of ferments in gut and overall health.

The yogurt was packaged in porcelain pots, which Carasso hand-delivered as a health food to pharmacies across the city.

One decade later, Daniel joined the family business and successfully expanded Danone across France. In the late 1930s, with Europe once again on the brink of war, he decided to move to the United States and he established the company as ‘Dannon’ there.

In 1951, Daniel Carasso returned to Paris to manage the family's businesses in France and Spain, and the American business was sold to Beatrice Foods in 1959; it was repurchased by Danone in 1981.

In Europe in 1967, Danone merged with Gervais, the leading fresh cheese producer in France, and became Gervais Danone. In 1973, the company merged with bottle maker BSN.

Back date to 1966, the French glass manufacturers, Glaces de Boussois and Verrerie Souchon Neuvesel, merged to form Boussois Souchon Neuvesel, or BSN. Initially, Danone was involved in several industries such as beer, frozen food and biscuits.

In 1973, BSN merged with Gervais Danone, a French food and beverage group specialized in dairy and pasta products, becoming the largest food and beverage group in France.

The company changed in 1999 their corporation name from “BSN” to “Groupe Danone” (since 2009, just DANONE) and from 2000 on, they sold all their beer companies and, later they also left some activities like sauces and cereals in order to focus on more healthy production.

In the early 1990s, Danone made international growth a major priority by penetrating new markets in locations such as China and Eastern Europe by acquiring well known brands in their respective countries such as China’s ‘Amoy’, a producer of soy sauces and frozen foods.
Food Company Danone

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