History of Warner Brothers

Beginning in Pennsylvania as movie distributors and theatre owners in 1903, the four Warner brothers started producing their own films in 1913 and moved to Hollywood in 1917.

The Warner brothers Henry, Albert, Sam and Jack founded Warner Bros. studios in 1923. It was home to the first taking picture. In 1927, Warner Bros. released one of the earliest talkies, the ‘The Jazz Singer’. This is the first feature film with synchronized music and dialogue, the studio’s success was assured.

Warner Bros went on to produce gangster films starring James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson adventure movies with Errol Flynn and mystery dramas with Humphrey Bogart.

By 1958 the Warner enterprises included Warner Bros. Records. Warner Bros also became a major producer of recorded music, with Atlantic Records, Electra Records and Reprise Records among its many labels.

As television became popular in American homes, Warner Bros began producing programming for this medium. It entered the cable television busyness in 1973.
History of Warner Brothers
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