Squibb Corporation

The Squibb Corporation was founded in 1858 by Edward Robinson Squibb, a US chemist and Navy medical officer. In 1892 Squibb created a partnership with his two sons, Dr. Edward H. Squibb and Charles F. Squibb, the firm being known for generations afterwards as E. R. Squibb and Sons.

E. R. Squibb and Sons
E.R Squibb and Sins had been a manufacturer of various vitamin products, but the main focus of its consumer advertising was its toothpaste and tooth-powder products.

In 1944 Squibb opened the world’s largest penicillin manufacturing plant. In 1953, Squibb Corporation was acquired by the conglomerate Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation. When Olin spun the division off in 1968, its manger Richard Furland became the head of the independent Squibb Corporation.

Furland transformed Squibb and placed it solidly on the prescription drug path, not by acquisition but by reinforcing internally its technical and functional capacities.

The merger between Bristol-Myers and Squibb Corporation took place in 1989. The merger created Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, which was then the world’s second-largest pharmaceutical enterprise.
Squibb Corporation
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