Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Darryl Francis Zanuck was born on September 5, 1902, in Wahoo, Nebraska. In 1933 Zanuck joined forces with Mogul Joseph Schenck to found Twentieth Century Pictures.

Fox Film Corp was founded in 1915 by William Fox. Its first studios were set up in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

The year 1935 saw the merger of Fox Film Corporation and Twentieth Century Pictures into Twentieth Century Fox. Schenck was installed as chairman of the board and Zanuck as head of production.

Following their production of the classic film, Les Miserables, the studio received the Academy Award for the best picture in 1935.

In 1985 The News Corp acquired Twentieth Century-Fox. In 1986, Rupert Murdoch purchased seven broadcast television stations from Metromedia and launched the Fox Television Network. In short order, Twentieth Century-Fax became the content producer for a string of media outlets around the world.
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
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