The making of Chrysler

The Chrysler Corporation, established in 1925, was the last of the ‘Big Three’ American producers to enter the automobile industry.

Chrysler was the reincarnation of the mid-sized Maxwell/Chalmers company. It was founded on June 6th 1925 by Walter P. Chrysler who had been chairman there since 1921.

Chrysler did not become readily apparent until June 24th , 1925 when on that date Maxwell stockholders transferred all of that corporations properties and other assets to Chrysler Corporation and voted the Maxwell Motor Corporation out of existence.

Chrysler became a major force on the American automobile industry in 1928, when it acquired Dodge Brothers , a company five times the of Chrysler and launched two entirely new car lines, Plymouth and DeSoto.

Chrysler established its own ‘college of engineering’ in 1931, when it launched the Chrysler Institute of Engineering’ with John J. Caton, the former head of the automotive engineering department at the University of Detroit, served as director of the institute.

The company ran very successfully and in 1936 it achieved an annual production of one million cars.
The making of Chrysler

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