History of Citroen Car Company

Andre Citroën graduated from École Polytechnique in 1900 with a degree in engineering and thereafter worked as an engineer and an industrial designer. In 1908 he helped the Mors automobile firm increase its production from 125 cars to 1,200 cars per year.

He interested in developing engineering processes that would make mass production possible so that non-elite could also afford to buy cars. He started his eponymous car company in 1919, choosing a logo inspired by the double chevron helical gear that Citroën was instrumental in developing.

The Type A Citroen was manufactured in the year 1919 in May. The Type A brand was followed by other productions of Type B2 in 1926, Type C in 1922 and this was the trend until 1927 when the Type B18 was produced.

In 1934, Citroën made its most revolutionary technical mark on the industry with the debut of the Traction Avant, the first mass-produced front-wheel drive vehicle and one of the first to feature unibody construction.

Citroën was experiencing hard times in the late 1930s. However, at the 1938 Motor Show it launched a new Traction Avant, the 15 Six, which was a range topping model with exceptional performance and road holding.
History of Citroen Car Company

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