Baumgold Brothers

Since 1900, five generations of Baumgolds proudly led the family business. For over 110 years, The Baumgold name represents quality, luxury, and excellence. Baumgold Brothers Inc. is one of the nation's leading diamond importers and cutters.

The company has cut several world‐famous diamonds including the Kimberly, the North Star, the Transvaal Blue, the Transvaal, the Earth Star and the Flaming Star. The last three are on display at The American Museum of Natural History.

In 1900, I.M. Baumgold and his sons Louis and Jack opened a diamond cutting factory called Baumgold Brothers. That firm grew into a leading American diamond importing and cutting company.

In 1927, after graduating from Columbia University, Joseph Baumgold, Louis’ son, joined the firm and brought it firmly into the Twentieth Century. In 1938, Baumgold diamond cutters developed a new art in diamond cutting by polishing the edge, or girdle, of the diamond. The company is incorporated on October 2, 2010.
Baumgold Brothers
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