Origin Of Caltex

In 1935 Standard Oil of California marketed first compounded diesel engine oil (RPM Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil) making high-speed diesel engines feasible.

In 1911, using Sherman Antitrust Act, the federal government broke Standard Oil into several companies. One of those companies, Standard Oil Co. (California), went on to become Chevron.

On July 2, 1936 Caltex Group was form from joint venture between Chevron and Texaco, Inc. which each having equal ownership. The group was established for marketing operation in east of Suez (including Asia, East Africa, and Australasia). The group was founded as outlet for future oil production in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Caltex was renamed as Caltex Petroleum Crop in 1968. In October 2001 Chevron and Texaco was merged to establish new identity known as ChevronTexaco and Caltex became part of the family.

In May 2005 ChevronTexaco Corporation changed its name to Chevron Corporation.
Origin Of Caltex

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