The beginning of Post consumer brand

It was Charles William Post, the founder of Post Cereals who first clearly comprehend that convenience and flavor were more forceful and more widely appreciated advantages than were the healthfulness and vegetable origin previously relied upon as selling points by producers of foods especially breakfast cereals. 

After a number of experiments, a product name Postum was successfully created by CW Post in 1895. Postum is a cereal beverage coffee substitute based on similar to the one served in Kellogg’s sanitarium. The company name Postum Cereal Co. Ltd was established in the same year, which later incorporated in 1922 as General Foods Corporation.

Postum Ltd. achieved wide-scale distribution of its products through massive spending on advertising in newspapers and magazines. In 1897 Post began to manufacture Grape Nuts, a cereal based on another Kellogg product.

By late 1905, the corn flake business was booming and other cereal manufacturers had gotten into this line. In January 1906, Post Cereals introduced a new version of the corn flakes. Post extensive and perceptive advertising campaigns brought him rapid success in the food industry.
The beginning of Post consumer brand

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